An Ounce of Prevention

Alternatives for Health & Wellness

An Ounce of Prevention…

…was started in 1999 by Margaret Wright, MS, BSN, CNHP as the place where she could do what she loved most: teach people how to live the best possible life using the most natural tools available.

Margaret is a Nutrition Consultant who, simply described, LOVES her work! Apparently her clients do too since they continue to contact her if or when new health issues arise and they are very generous in referring family and friends who they believe will benefit from her nutrition advice. Her youngest clients are still a “thought” in their parents’ head and her oldest client admits only to being “over 90, and still working at living well”!

She also gets referrals from several physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists and other professionals who realize that the full scope of their practice does not extend to the wealth of nutrition information that Margaret has at her fingertips.

After many years of operating in her own office space, Margaret has moved to the virtual world. She is, as she always was, available to work with clients to meet their wellness goals. She is available via Skype or telephone for consultations. If you happen to live on Florida’s West Coast, or if you are a “snowbird” visiting the Tampa / St. Petersburg or Sarasota / Bradenton area, then you might prefer to see Margaret in person! Either way, your journey to wellness will happen.

My Approach to nutrition

“A good nutritionist doesn’t treat disease….she works to improve health and to remove the blocks that may impede health. She works with her clients to achieve balance in body function, to optimize biochemistry, and so provide the body with the finest tools to reach and maintain the highest state of wellness.”

Approach to client relationships

Margaret provides counseling in nutrition and lifestyle to assist in your achievement of health and wellness.

She most enjoys teaching people the things that keep them healthy and finds particular satisfaction in working with families with young children. The best protection against illness and disease is a content, well-nourished body!